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Deniz Love and Otenazi release "4güd"

Updated: May 17

From the desk at Cesme Records
Image of Deniz Love and Otenazi
Deniz Love (Right) Ötenazi (Left)

"4güd," A riveting alternate pop track by Deniz Love and ÖTENAZİ, showcases a raw sound paired with poignant lyrical content, urging listeners to seize the moment and remove unwelcome presences, such as ex-partners, from their lives. Crafted with heavy guitar riffs and inventive vocal chops, this song delivers a powerful message of self-empowerment and decisiveness.

Accomplishments for "4güd" include features on prestigious playlists like New Music Friday Turkey and New Music Daily on Apple Music,

highlighting Its appeal and resonating deeply with a wide audience. These recognitions reflect not only on the track's quality but also on its ability to connect on a personal level with listeners navigating similar life experiences. Behind this compelling piece, Texas-based producer Mars Alva brings an exceptional production quality, melding perfectly with the creative vision of Deniz Love and ÖTENAZİ. Together, they create an auditory experience that's both gripping and liberating, showcasing their combined talents in a way that commands attention and fosters a strong emotional connection.

As "4güd" garners attention and acclaim, it exemplifies a unique blend of artistic creativity and message-driven content, providing a soundtrack for those looking to make definitive changes in their personal lives. This track not only resonates with individuals seeking closure but also elevates the discourse on personal growth and the importance of moving forward.

You can stream the song here by Clicking This

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